Facility Rentals

Gathering places at our Ululani and Kilauea sites are available for community rental to meet, celebrate, learn and have fun.


 Ululani Campus  
145 Ululani Street 
Hilo, HI 92670
(808) 935-7141
Kilauea Campus
1382 Kilauea Ave. 
Hilo, HI 92670 
(808) 935-6067

Meeting Room: 

Rental Rates: 

Supervision Policy: 

Payment Policy: 

Every day, the YWCA of Hawai’i Island lives its mission of empowering girls and women and eliminating racism through its programs, services and community events.

Member-Only Programs & Services (additional fees apply):

• Year-round childcare services
• Access to all YWCA facilities, including:
• Conference room for business meetings or events
• Fitness and dance classes
• Advocacy for the Elimination of Racism and Empowerment of Women
• Support for crucial Sex Assault Services
• Teen Court
• Healthy Start Programs
• Developmental Preschool

As a member, we encourage you to invite others to join the YWCA and strengthen our member community.


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