The YWCA Preschool offers a safe, nurturing, sensory-rich environment that supports a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive needs and prepares him or her for kindergarten.

Sammy Wolfe

Hi my name is Sammy Wolfe and this summer I worked at the YWCA in Hilo Hawaii. Working at the YWCA was an incredible experience for me as I made such strong connections with the kids and memories that will last a lifetime. The kids were always smiling and having a great time. I feel that these kids deserve more than what they have. I am beyond grateful to have shared three weeks with these amazing kids and I really want to give back to such an amazing community, but I need your help. Any donation will act as a helping hand in making the kids lives at the YWCA even better.

Donate to the YWCA Hawaii Island Pre-School

Thank you for helping our preschool!  Mahalo to Sammy & all the generous preschool supporters.  Here are some of our keiki in our Mahalo corner in the Lilypad!!!   Thank you!!



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